5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business

 Let’s start with the some analyzed reports:

34% of the business already had an integrated digital marketing plan in 2016.

72% marketers believe that traditional marketing is no longer sufficient & Digital Marketing will bring the business a Return of Interest with 30% increase. This was predicted in early 2017.

Day by day the scope of Digital Branding is increasing and it is predicted to grow even 80% more by this year.

The ultimate question is why?

You need to incorporate and apply successful digital marketing strategy in order to attempt an active participation in a pervasive as well as lucrative Online Market Place.

Since Digital Marketing is instant developing power in today’s world of marketing, It has been set to be an eventual set of marketing. Primarily it is surpassing the traditional way of marketing.

Everyone is aware with the fact that the world is quickly transforming in a digital way and its functionality.

One of the basic and important reason of this that the mode of communication is very adaptable,quicker, quantifiable and result-driven. With this Digital Marketing many more to give to your business, let’s go through it.

Let’s discuss those 5 reasons why digital marketing is important for your business?

#1.  It gives equal opportunity for all kinds of business

The game of Digital Marketing is all an online field concern. It offers equal opportunity for all types of businesses irrespective of their size. It is giving little and medium business the opportunity to compete with the established businesses and draw in their share of traffic.

All small and medium scale businesses or startup irrespective of their size now have the assets to perform sales/marketing processes.

The noticeable advantage is that it has the ability to engage with multiple customers without using call center services.

Conversion rate associated with Digital Marketing rank higher than traditional mode of communication.

#2.  It is more cost-effective than traditional marketing

For small and medium sized business, it is an advantage for them that without having any assets and capitalization they have found a way of digital marketing is superior and cost-effective marketing channel in it.

What Gartner’s report says, let’s have a look

“Up to 40% of respondents claimed getting considerable savings by using digital marketing methods of promotion for their products and services.”

The report suggested that 28% of businesses will put their budget allocation from traditional mode of marketing.

Digital marketers get better cost-per-lead (CPL) contrasted with other marketing channels

#3.  It delivers high conversion rates

When the rate of approaching traffic gets converted into mature leads, number of supporters, subscribers, deals or sales all this measures as a businesses accomplishment. That is the reason why new startups, entrepreneurs are streamlining their digital advertising efforts towards CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and giving it their top most priority.

There are a number of CRO tools as well procedures that one can use for their Digital Advertising and for Conversion Optimization.

Digital marketing activities like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization and email marketing, etc. helps tremendously doing so.

#4.  It helps in generating high and batter revenue comparably

Along with satisfying conversion rates by applying successful digital marketing strategies, DM also ensures for great ROI.

“Google affirms this in an analysis with IPSOS Hong Kong, asserting 2.8 times better revenue growth anticipation for organizations utilizing digital marketing to the individuals who don’t.”

With outstanding return of Interest & revenue generation, litle and medium enterprises are utilizing advantage of 3.3 times better odds of optimizing their business.

It (Digital Marketing) has opened the way better, expanding, & remote targeting market as rocket fuel for the development of little and medium scale ventures

Google’s Asia-pacific Head Kevin O’Kane portrays the Digital Market as rocket fuel for the growth of small & medium scale ventures.

#5.  It facilitates interaction with our targeted audiences

“Way of Interaction” is one of the solid reasons why digital marketing is assuming control over traditional marketing.DM not only cooperate with targeted audiences but also ensures result driven interactions as well. It also ensures the engagements that your clients hope to get while communicating with your business.

Your management with such engagements will decide the difference between your business achievement & disappointment.

Facilitating your clients with legitimate engagement provide you knowledge of your prospects requirements.

DM helps in developing a trust among your audiences when your business starts to grow.


Digital marketing is continuously developing system that asks business to keep pace with the quickly changing processes- in last years. With the help of above Digital Marketing trends ensure business growth from your ends as well.

So, these were some reasons proving why digital marketing is important for our business. With these important facts about digital marketing and its trend It ensure the growth that your business deserves.

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